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The link to my music compositions enables you to order online directly from Groth
Music in Bloomington, MN (EBLE MUSIC is now part of GROTH MUSIC).

To order online, click the cover of your chosen piece and then clicking GROTH MUSIC (in gold box) takes you directly to their shopping cart.

The Composition page is part of my website: marklugerstudio.com. I teach wind instruments in the Minneapolis, MN area. Check out my About page to learn more of my background in music.

Many of my compositions have been written for and performed by my students for their various competitions. Because I’ve been teaching wind instruments for 20 years, I have a good understanding of how to showcase the strengths of my students and the idiosyncrasies of the instruments they are playing.

If Groth Music is out of stock of my music you wish to order, email me at: markluger@live.com and it will be available for ordering within 2 days.